The event “Days of chestnut honey” held in Vojnic

On May 5th 2018., the event “Days of Chestnut Honey” was held in Vojnić at the municipal square. The event was attended by exhibitors from Vojnić, Krnjak and Velika Gorica.

Six exhibitors were presented with their honey products, especially chestnut honey:

  1. IŠEK beekeeping, Velika Gorica,
  2. Beekeeping Turkalj, Velika Gorica,
  3. OPG Mihajlo Zirić, Krnjak,
  4. OPG Anušić, Vojnić,
  5. Association of beekeepers “Kesten”, Vojnić,
  6. Creative Association “Ruke”, Vojnić.

Professor Nikola Kezić hold a lecture on the topic “The economic and environmental value of chestnut honey for the area Petrova gora”.

The event was magnified by the performances of the Folklore Societies Sveti Ante-Herceg-Bosna from Tušilović and Sveta Ana-Vučjak from Karlovac.