The third chestnut science conference was held in Municipality of Velika Kladuša

The Municipality of Velika Kladuša, as the Lead Partner of the project “Protection and Promotion of Chestnuts” organized on Friday, November 22, 2019 in Velika Kladuša, the “Third Scientific and Expert Conference on Chestnuts”, on the topic “Ecological and Economic Importance of Traditional and Commercial Chestnut Farming”.

The conference was held within the project “Protection and Promotion of Chestnut” – CHESTNUT, co-financed by the European Union under the IPA INTERREG Cross-border Cooperation Program Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 2014-2020. The aim of the conference was to highlight the activities on the identification of the status and potential of chestnuts in the Una-Sana Canton (implemented under the KESTEN Project), to preserve the biodiversity and to improve the economic value of chestnuts by implementing measures for the protection and planned raising of a chestnut plantations as fruit crops.

Chairman of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Velika Kladuša Fikret Bašić and Elvedin Miljković, Project Manager of the project “Chestnut Protection and Promotion” (host of the conference and organizer) open the conference and welcomed all participants. After greetings and welcome speech, plenary lectures started with their presentations,. The lecturers at the conference were given by university professors and experts in several fields. Through their presentations, they highlighted the importance of chestnuts across multiple segments and presented interesting and useful data.

Professor Ph.D. Vildana Alibabić from the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Bihać presented a lecture on the topic: “Assessment of morphological-pomological and chemical characteristics of chestnut fruit after the presence of the gall wasp in the chestnut forests of Kladuša and Bužim with proposed measures and recommendations for protection”. Prof.Ph.D. of Forestry Sciences Vanja Danicic, from the Faculty of Forestry, University of Banja Luka, gave presentation on the topic “Genetic diversity and variability of chestnut populations in the municipalities of Velika Kladuša and Bužim”.

Director of Wald-Projekt Ltd. Bosanska Krupa Ervin Herak, who, together with his associates, created the Chestnut Forest and Forest Land Identification Study, corresponding mapping and GIS database for the territory of the Municipality of Velika Kladuša, spoke on the topic: “Mapping of chestnut forests and distribution in the territory of the municipalities of Velika Kladuša and Bužim”. Lecture on “Raising the Chestnut Plantation” was given by Robert Sambolek, director of CEDRUS Forest Ltd. Čakovec. Sulejman Alijagić, professor of Biology, presented a lecture on “The use of bee and herbal chestnut products for nutrition and medicinal purposes in the Municipality of Velika Kladuša”, while University Professor Ibrahim Mujić from the Faculty of Health Studies in Rijeka, spoke on “Collection, storage and processing possibilities of chestnuts”.


The Municipality of Velika Kladuša, in cooperation with partners Municipality of Bužim, Agricultural Institute of the Una-Sana Canton of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Municipality of Vojnić, Plum and Chestnut Center and the City of Karlovac from the Republic of Croatia, implements the “Chestnut” project.

The main objective of the project is to increase the protection and risk management of chestnut forests in the cross-border area of ​​BiH – Croatia through joint activities and promotion. The implementation of the Chestnut project started in July 2017 and shall be completed by the end of the current year.