Agricultural Institute of the Una Sana Canton

The Agricultural Institute of the Una-Sana Canton was established by the Decision of the Assembly of the Una-Sana Canton in 2000, while practical work began in 2001 with the appointment of a director. The USK Agricultural Institute is an independent cantonal administrative organization responsible for preparing and implementing a government policy on agricultural production. As a reliable partner, the Agricultural Institute of the Una-Sana Canton is the carrier of all educational activities in agricultural production, which aims to provide conditions for agricultural development, while raising the technical and technological level, more efficient use of available resources, and respecting the demands of modern markets. Existing cooperation between the Agricultural Institute of the Una-Sana Canton and producers is  improving and significantly expanding beyond Una-Sana Canton. Our continuous task is to improve all types of agricultural production using new scientific and professional methods and to improve existing ones. The Agricultural Institute of the Una Sana Canton has the standard BAS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006 as well as BAS EN ISO 9001:2015, which clearly proves that we have competent staff, equipment, documentation and that our results for accredited areas are trusted in EU countries. We are currently authorized to perform agropedological soil analysis, agricultural seed quality control, honey analysis, animal feed, food of animal origin, quality control of agricultural products and their products, industrial products and export products, but we are also authorized for development of land recultivation projects and other agricultural land management projects.


Contact persons: Adijana Jaganjac Mehadžić i Mehira Perviz


Phone: +387 (0)37 223-430