Center for plumb and chestnut

The Centre for plum and chestnut is a public institution in Donja Bačuga, founded by the City of Petrinja. Donja Bačuga administratively forms a part of the City of Petrinja. Petrinja is a small town in north-western Croatia with a rich history and heritage. It is located 13km south-west from Sisak at an altitude of 106 m, with the surface of 380,94 km2 and is surrounded by Lekenik, Donji Kukuruzari and Dvor municipalities as well as by cities Sisak and Glina. Petrinja is situated in the lower Pokuplje region of the Sisak – Moslavina County. Wider city area includes 55 settlements, out of which only Petrinja and Mošćenica are classified as the urban areas. The origins of the Centre for plum and chestnut go 115 years back when the Wine and fruit growing school has been established in Petrinja. The school had a strong role in promoting and upgrading farms by organised education of the youth. The reasoning behind its establishment is a leading role in growing plum in Petrinja and Sisak – Moslavina County as a whole. In addition, there is 6000 ha of the sweet chestnut grown in Sisak – Moslavina County, out of which 1600 ha in Petrinja. The main focus of the Centre for plum and chestnut are the adult education programmes designed mainly to cover fruit growing and eco-agriculture. Furthermore, independently and in cooperation with other relevant institutions, the Centre implements scientific programmes in order to to contribute to the sustainable development of the adult education and to improve the institutional infrastructure.


Contact person: Josip Dolenec


Phone: +385 (0)44 826 096