City Karlovac

Karlovac is located in central Croatia at the intersection of lowland and mountainous Croatia, Pokuplje and Kordun, framed by the rivers Kupa, Koran, Dobra and Mrežnica. It is one of the few cities that knows the exact date of its foundation, 13 July 1579 and it was named after its founder, the Archduke Karl Habsburg. Karlovac is an example of a renaissance city, geometrically regular figure of a six-pointed star. Karlovac is one of the rare European cities with such appearance. From its foundation to the present day, Karlovac has always developed a road-oriented connection between Europe and the Adriatic ports. This is evidenced by the historic roads of Karolina, Jozefina and Louisiana which enabled Karlovac in the past, as today to become an important trading and traffic center. It is “custom-built” according to the needs of man: in the green valleys of the four rivers, beneath the Old Town of Dubovac, in centuries-old parks and promenades, cycling trails, in the tradition of culture, sports, crafts and trade. Unique in business and development opportunities. The location at the crossroads of major Croatian and European highways and close proximity to two neighboring countries, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, has great potential. Business zones have been laid along the traffic hubs on the outskirts of the city while at the same time the city core has been preserved for investments in the whole range of tourist services, housing and sports and recreational development opportunities.

Urban area: 402 km²

Altitude: 112- 177 MNV

Climate: continental

Population (2011): 55,705

Protector of the city: Sv. Josip


Contact person: Sanja Belobaba


Phone: +385 (0)47 628 176