Municipality of Bužim

The area of ​​the Municipality of Bužim covers 129 km2, and according to the latest census data, there are 19,340 permanent inhabitants. In regional and geographical terms  it is located in the far northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Municipality of Bužim, administratively and geographically, belongs to  the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of Una Sana Canton. It is divided into 14 local communities. The settlements in the municipality are located at an altitude range of 180-400 meters. The highest positioned settlements are Radoč 630 meters, Čorkovaća 603 meters, Konjodor (Kaukoviča brdo) 476 meters and Veliko Brdo 464 meters. The municipality of Bužim borders with the municipalities of Bosanska Krupa (from the south), Cazin (from the west) Velika Kladuša (from the north and northwest), in total length of 60 km. It borders with Croatia and the municipality of Dvor na Uni on the east as well. The border with the Republic of Croatia, which is also the state border, is one of the oldest interstate borders in Europe. By regional routes Bužim is connected on the southeast through Bosanski Otok with Bosanski Krupa, on the northwest via Vrnograč with Veliki Kladusa, and on the west via Konjodor with Cazin. It is influenced by continental air currents from the northeast and Mediterranean from the southwest. The northern part of the municipality gravitates to the Glina river and the smaller part on the south to the Una river. The temperate is typical for the continental climate with a lot of moisture throughout the year. Such conditions are ideal for development of agriculture, especially the cultivation of fruit and cereals and livestock farming. Also, the municipality of Bužim is extremely rich in chestnut and beech forests.

Contact person: Nedžad Kudelić, dipl.oec.


Phone: +387 (0)37 419518