Municipality of Vojnic

The municipality of  Vojnic is a municipality located at the foot of Petrova Gora, which is named after the Croatian King Petar Svačić. The municipality of Vojnic is located in the eastern part of Karlovac County and it borders whit Karlovac in the north, the municipality of Krnjak and the town of Slunj in the west, the municipality of Cetingrad in the south and the Sisak-Moslavina County in the east. The southeastern border from the Glina River is an interstate border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It covers an area of ​​240.59 km2, divided into 13 cadastral municipalities and 46 settlements. According to the 2011 census the municipality of Vojnic has 4,764 inhabitants. The center of the municipality is located at an altitude of 140 m, the average altitude is 160 m and the highest peak is Petrova Gora-Petrovac at an altitude of 512 m. Temperature differences exist but are not significant. The relief consists of areas with low hills, lowlands and forests that are particularly dense in the area of ​​Petrova Gora. The total area of ​​the municipality is dominated by agricultural land and forested land covered with beech, oak, hornbeam and chestnut. The dominant industry is agriculture and farming, especially livestock breeding. Quality forest is the foundation of the timber industry. The richness of chestnut forests gives the potential for food industry, tourism and development of this area, because the area of ​​Petrova gora sees its potential in forest products with special emphasis on chestnut.


Contact persons: Nataša Opačić, Karolina Šikljan


Phone: +385 (0) 47 883 020